How To Grow An Engaged And Loyal Community

Today we listen our host Angie Perez B explaining what are the secrets to build your own community, a community of engaged and loyal members. Also, Angie will explain how being honest on your social interactions will benefit you, and you will learn how to position your brand as a relevant account in your niche.

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Hello and welcome to Social Media Money Up. Episode number 2. In this episode we’re going to talk about how to build an engaged, relevant and loyal community. I will reveal the techniques that will make you how about real followers on any social media channel and other best practices that will help you to grow on your social media Platforms. In case we haven’t met before, my name is Angie Perez B and you can find me on Twitter at @Angi9z and on Instagram at @AngiePerez.B. if you are new to this podcast, please consider subscribing I will be releasing weekly episodes about the latest trends on social networking best practices techniques and how to grow your business with social media.Have you ever asked yourself where is the ultimate purpose for you or for your brand to have a presence on social media platforms? Well the answer is pretty straightforward; the reason is you want to have an audience for your message and you want to build your own fans database. So if you decide your business needs to be on social media, then you must strive to build your own community. So here you have my 5 tips to build an engaged community. Tip #1: Be Authentic. Tip number one is be authentic. Being authentic means being YOU. When you write your captions or your texts on social media channels, you just need to express yourself in the same way you would do in real life with your friends and with your family, just in the same way. Just be natural. avoid making it too serious and keep it amusing if it’s possible. We are socializing here so we need to be a little bit laid back. Also be yourself when you follow, when you like, when you comment. I mean, like and follow what you truly want to like and follow, comment when you have something meaningful to say about it. When you behave like this (like what you really like comment what you want to comment, etc) in other words, when you were being honest to what you really are interested in and what you really liked and commented when you have something to say, you are building connections. Connections within your field of Interest. And that’s the first step to grow a relevant community and you will be perceived as someone relevant to your niche! Tip # 2: Provide Value. If you want to be successful on social media this is the most important thing you must do: provide value. It means quality, good content, good page… if you don’t have that, no matter what other strategies you follow, it just don’t work. It is better not to share anything then sharing meaningless stuff. What’s the benefit of providing value? The benefit you will get providing value will be that people will LOVE your content, and therefore they will be expecting you’re next post, your next article, your next photo, etc. Also they will be willing to like and share your content did number Tip #3: Be Social. Tip number 3 is be social. We’re talking about social media, right? So you must be social: you must browse for your favourite content on your newsfeed, Oran hashtags, you must like, comment, share content you find interesting and so on. Social media is a place for interaction so you must interact, right! So the benefit you will get being social is that you will be NOTICED. You will be noticed and if you like and share and you are authentic, as I said in tip number 1, then you will be noticed in your niche. Very important! Tip #4: Build real relationships. if you are being authentic all the way, and you have been social and you have provided value, which are the three first steps mentioned before, you will be building relationships and here is where the magic happens! Yeah magic happens because suddenly you find yourself with a bunch of friends that you want to know about and you want to see what’s going on with them, and they want to see your content and they will comment what you do, and you really and truly will be interested in what they have to say… And same goes for you: they will really like to know about you and they will discuss with you and comment with you, share, like your content and everything; which is very important! It grows engagement and you will rank higher, of course, on any algorithm on any social media platform. So that is building real relationships. Just behave like you would do in real life with your friends Tip #5: Have fun! Of course yes have fun that your teammate for post on being on social media is entertainment so you know socializing is a form of positive and constructive entertainment so you must take it that way. I know it takes time, work and many things to write your content to get ready your photos it takes time and effort to get ready your content, I know that, but you do it because you like to share your knowledge, or you like to share your experiences, or you want to interact with your community; so that’s the point of all this. You are there because you WANT to be there. Just enjoy being there! As I said in tip number 4 build real relationships, when that magic happens is when you really love being on social media; it’s when you find the meaning for it! The point is when you social media is rewarding for you, but not because of your brand or your blog or your business or your block or whatever, it’s because you really like what you doing there and you find something positive! That’s the point; that’s where you have to go, and you will get there if you are authentic and if you just think all social media providing value just because you want to help or because you want to share something meaningful and not because you want to get followers or just for the sake of earning money or things like that. And funnily enough being authentic and being real and not looking for growing your following, will provide you with more followers, with engaged followers where the boats at community and you will be very satisfied, and that will be great for you! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing. I will be releasing weekly podcasts just like the one you just listened to, covering everything from the latest trends on social media, tools strategies and the best practices to help you grow your business or your brand. 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